Supercharge Your

Content Marketing Performance

Blogalyzer is an intuitive & visual tool that helps you track, analyse & optimise your content marketing , with a minimum amount of clicks.

See visual insights to optimise your strategy

See historical growth, what content works, what doesn’t and what to (re-)distribute, all from a glance at our intuitive dashboard.

Get answers to your questions in 1 click

Get all the relevant acquisition, conversion, audience & SEO metrics for your articles in just one click (instead of hundreds in Google Analytics).

Automatically report on your progress

Get automatic weekly email reports and empower your team to use dashboards to make timely, data-driven decisions.

No Technical Skills Needed to

Uncover Insights and Make Informed Decisions

What’s coming up?

We’re working on a lot of features & integrations

More data to work with

Get enhanced filters & Author, Category, page depth, word count... data thanks to our WordPress integration & Blogalyzer (WordPress) Plugin

A.I. powered daily tasks

Know exactly what to write, what to publish, which articles to optimise and to re-distribute thanks to our A.I. that will look for content and performance gaps.

R.O.I. + Competitive Insights

Validate your strategy and KPI's thanks to insights about your industry, insights about your competitors and R.O.I. calculations per author, category or blog.

Google Analytics

Historical Performance & Audience data from G.A, which we keep on improving.


Word count, Reading depth, author ROI, competitive SEO,...

Tracking & Scraping

No CMS? Not a problem. Our tracking code has got you covered.

Youtube & Others

Get your Podcasts & Video performance in the same dashboard

Hootsuite & Buffer

Distribute your content directly from Blogalyzer + Analyse your copy performance

Social Media Shares

Who shared what & how much & when

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What others are saying


Tiff Ng

Content Writer, Freelance

I think it's great. Would love something like that. I hate Google Analytics. The info you want is always hidden in the most obscure spots that don't make sense.

Sophie Gambet

Founder, Bon Ton Digital Agency

I work with tech and saas businesses providing content that drives conversions and would love to be able to add data to back up the value that we provide.

Luc Chaboche

Business Owner, Real Estate

Our content marketing has managed to get us to 45,000 visitors a month. The issue is we’ve never had a solid content strategy in place. This tool would be perfect to use to help scale content, traffic and revenue.

Raymond Dehousse

Marketing Manager, Wonderflow

Raymond on Facebook Messenger:
Yo, its been 3 weeks now 😛
any update?
super relevant right now 🙂