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Understand your content marketing performance, in 3 clicks

Find key insights that were hidden hundreds of clicks away in Google Analytics.

What is Blogalyzer?

In 3 clicks, the Blogalyzer tool gives you comprehensible insights on the full history of your blog or website.

Which articles are performing best?

All your Unique Pageviews per article/page and per month/week

What distribution channels are working best?

What’s the source and medium, which social network drives traffic? Where in the world are readers coming from?

Do your readers convert?

How long do they spend on the page and do they bounce off? Do they trigger your pre-defined goals?

Are you reaching the right audience?

What’s their age, what’s their gender? Which device do they use? Are they returning visitors?


The Interface: a summary of your entire blog, at a glance

Unique pageviews of all your blogposts, month per month or week per week

Colored PageViews

Each row is an article / page. Each column is a month / week. Conditional colors make it easy to compare your performance

1 Tab per Blog

Download as many websites or blogs as you want, from different Google Analytics accounts if needed

Google Sheets

The power of Google Sheets lets you filter your data any way you like and share it with co-workers

The Sidebar: dig deeper, without the effort of digging

Conversion, Acquisition, Demographic and Geographical metrics, on the spot.

All metrics for a specific cell

By clicking a cell, you get Conversion, Acquisition & Geographical data for a blogpost in a specific month or week.

Per article, per month or even the entire blog

You can get the same metrics for an entire article, or an entire week / month, or even the average of your entire blog.

Email Reports (coming soon)

Your entire team receives a weekly report on your content marketing performance: new articles, best distribution channels,...


Manage your different websites / blogs: update, delete, re-render. Soon you'll be able to link articles and manage weekly email reports.

Why are they using Blogalyzer?

Blogalyzer has launched in Early Bèta. Please contact us for questions and feedback!

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