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Blogalyzer is an intuitive & visual tool that helps you Β track, understand & optimise your content marketing , with a minimum amount of clicks.
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Optimise your strategy & performance

See historical growth, what content works, what doesn’t and what to (re-)distribute, all from a glance at our intuitive, visual dashboard.

Save time finding answers

Get all the relevant acquisition, conversion, audience & SEO metrics for your articles in just one click (instead of hundreds in Google Analytics).

Email Reports to stay aligned

Get automatic weekly email reports which will align your team and clients in order to make timely, data-driven decisions.

No technical skills needed to

Turn raw data into smart insights

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What others are saying


Tiff Ng

Content Writer, Freelance

Excellent access to meaningful stats for my content segmented by date and with super easy search mechanisms.

Sophie Gambet

Founder, Bon Ton Digital Agency

I work with tech and saas businesses providing content that drives conversions and I love being able to send automatic reports to back up the value that we provide.

Luc Chaboche

Business Owner, Real Estate

Our content marketing has managed to get us to 45,000 visitors a month. But we’ve never had a solid content strategy in place. Now it's different. This tool is perfect to use to help scale content, traffic and revenue.

Christopher Chifley

Marketing Manager, Wonderflow

I get a glance on what works for my blog. Normally, I would have to use about 3 different tools and a plugin to do this.